Tree Service Oconomowoc, WI

Stumped about a tree problem? WCO Tree Care can help! Certified arborists from WCO get to the root of the issue to create a maintenance plan or tree removal service perfect for your property in Oconomowoc. Schedule a FREE estimate online or call (262) 298-1155 to speak with a tree service specialist in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin!

technician trimming a tree

Tree Trimming & Pruning
in Oconomowoc

Improper pruning often leads to decay, disease, out-of-control growth and the need for more frequent maintenance and tree care. Hiring a tree trimming service in Oconomowoc that understands how all types of trees and bushes will respond to various pruning processes increases the lifetime of your landscaping and amplifies its curb appeal. You can depend on arborists from WCO in Oconomowoc to prune trees with all the essential precautions and best practices in place.
removing tree debris from property

Tree Removal
in Oconomowoc

Decaying, dangerous and destructive trees on your property need to go! Tree removal scheduled with WCO includes cutting the tree to the ground below, getting rid of all branches and limbs and sawing larger logs to smaller sizes appropriate for firewood to be left behind. If requested, technicians can haul away the firewood from your home or business. Fallen tree removal, emergency tree removal and low-impact tree removal are available throughout Oconomowoc as well.
stump grinding machinery in action

Stump Grinding & Removal
in Oconomowoc

Need a stubborn stump gone? You have two choices: stump grinding or stump removal. You can call WCO for both! However, we encourage stump grinding when possible because it is more affordable for customers. The stump grinding process utilizes a rotating blade able to grind stumps as deep as 24 inches below ground (depending on the machine). After the process is complete, all that remains of the tree stump is dirt and wood chips.

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WCO guarantees customer satisfaction. The tree specialists and arborists in Oconomowoc that work with us prioritize your goals for the trees on your property and will do everything possible to achieve them, through good preservation, routine care and skilled restoration. Give us a call if you are looking for a professional tree service in Oconomowoc. You (and your trees) will be glad you did! For a FREE ONLINE ESTIMATE click the button below.