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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Waukesha?

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When everything has been done to save a tree, there’s often no other option but to remove it.

Although it may be hard decision, licensed tree specialists from WCO Tree Care can work with you to confirm that it’s the right choice and make the entire experience as fast and easy as possible.

One obstacle that prevents people from pursuing tree removal — even when they know it’s the right thing to do — is the cost. The fact is, most people don’t even know how much tree removal in Waukesha County costs.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll do our best to explain how tree companies estimate the cost of tree removal and reveal why professional tree removal is worth every penny.

What’s The Cost of Tree Removal?

In this article, we’ll be discussing the cost of removing a single tree or a few trees from your property in Waukesha Couunty. If you need more than just a few trees removed, you should look for land clearing services instead of a tree removal service.

Is Tree Removal Expensive?

This isn’t a simple answer because every tree removal job is different and no two customer’s budget is the same. In the next section, we’ll go over the factors that affect the cost of tree removal. Once you understand these factors, you will better understand your FREE ESTIMATE from the technician that comes to your home.

What Affects Tree Removal Cost?

When a licensed tree professional arrives to examine and evaluate a tree that needs to be removed, he or she will be looking at these key factors to determine the cost of tree removal:

Location of the Tree

Trees that are a falling risk need to be removed. This means they are close to something that can be damaged, like a home, power lines or another structure. Technicians have to get their equipment close to the tree and then cut it down in a way that is safe for the surrounding area. This sometimes means cutting it so that it falls in a specific area, or it could mean removing the tree piece by piece. This is known as “minimal impact tree removal”.

Size of the Tree

The bigger the tree, the more it will cost to remove it. There is more labor and more danger involved and tree companies have to dispose of more wood after the job is done as well. Most tree service companies in Waukesha have specific ways of measuring the tree involving its height, girth and volume of wood to estimate the cost of tree removal.

Customer Requests

Tree specialists can work around your landscaping and other trees during tree removal. Crews are available that can work at different times during the day to accommodate work-from-home customers. Depending the request, the tree service will try to make it happen! Certified arborists from WCO attempt to accommodate most requests free of charge, but there are some things that they have to charge extra for. These things are shown clearly in the estimate before beginning the tree removal service.

Time & Experience

Technicians also figure into the cost the amount of time it will take for the tree removal service and how many team members will be needed to do the job safely. Tree removal can require anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole week and involve a large crew to make sure it’s done right. Tree removal isn’t a job you want to rush. There has to be a balance between technicians taking their time to do it right and working efficiently in order to move on to the next job. The longer the job takes, the more a tree removal service will cost.

Tree Equipment

Trees in remote areas of Waukesha County can be removed with basic equipment like chain saws, but a tree that is close to a home may require a crane to lift branches out and place them onto a truck so they don’t fall on anything.

Avoid Cheap Tree Removal!

When the price of tree removal is too good to be true, it usually is. A tree service in Waukesha County that offers tree removal at a fraction of the cost of others should raise suspicion. Research the following topics no matter which tree removal company you choose. It could save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

Insured & Bonded

Insurance and bonding are a company’s ways of protecting employees and their customers against accidents and poor workmanship. A tree service that doesn’t believe in these practices probably doesn’t value safety or quality work the way crews from WCO do. You can request documentation if the company seems hesitant to share information. A reputable company will be upfront with all documentation.


An arborist must undergo 3 years of training, plus ongoing certification to stay up-to-date on the best practices for tree removal and other services. Every tree care company should employ a professional arborist. Not every job will require their expertise, but it is valuable to have their knowledge and experience on staff in the event that it is needed.


Ask for recent referrals from customers who had similar services done. This is key because the company can’t just hand pick one or two happy customers. They are forced to provide relevant referrals so you can find out what their most recent customers have to say.

Tree Removal Strategy

Every tree removal service is different due to the factors we listed above. Part of the cost of tree removal is the expertise of an arborist who can accurately predict how to remove a tree safely. If the company you have chosen doesn’t have a clear strategy, your property could be in danger when the tree comes down.


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